General Information Edit

The Capital Ship, often referred to as "CS", is a special ship which becomes available to the player when first joining an alliance. The Capital Ship is the only ship to feature a two-way upgrading system, and even in such a way it can be largely player controlled.

the rarity of a CS directly affect its base plating and damage, as well as the amount of modules that can be installed at once in their weapon, plating and passive sections.

Modules Edit

The Capital Ship can be equipped with several modules in order to increase it's firepower, armor and grant them special abilities that can greatly enhance the fleet capability. The amount of modules that can be installed at once depends on the rarity of the CS so is generally a good idea to increase the rarity of it.

The modules (also named 'decoded schematics') are obtained by decoding Schematics in the Alliance Lab (available in the alliance view, northeast of the Headquarters building), and then implemented into the CS by going into the fleet view, selecting the CS, clicking on the "+"-button and then choosing the desired schematic.

There are four types of modules that can be instaled in a CS:

Weapons Edit

These modules are literally secondary weapons of the CS, which have independent damage, range, fire rate, and targetting from the main weapon and whose stats depend entirely on the module level

Plating Edit

These modules are the "Armor" of the CS, they increase the CS hit points by a set amount.

Passives Edit

These modules give several bonuses to the CS weapons, hit points and/or fleet. The amount of bonus depend only in the module level

Actives Edit

these modules give the CS special abilities that can affect either the enemy or the player fleet. And they are further divided in two distinct types.

  • Defensive

In which the CS activate the ability every few seconds to do the effect

  • Offensive

in which the player can only use it once to generate a powerful effect

for information on specific modules, visit the Schematics page

Upgrading the Capital Ship Edit

The CS can be upgraded both in level and in Rarity.

  1. To level up the CS, all that is needed is to burn up schematics and/or xp cards for experience. the amount of experience gained is dependent on the rarity and the amount of items burned. Also, decoded schematic give double the amount of xp than undecoded ones.
  2. The rarity of the CS can be upgraded by keeping undecoded schematics of the next rarity, and fusing 6 of them onto the CS using a certain amount of remnants (differs per rarity). For example, if a CS currently has the Rare rarity, it will take 6 undecoded Epic schematics and 6x1500 remnants to be upgraded to the Epic rarity.

The following remnant rates apply:

Current CS rarity Common Rare Epic Legendary
Remant cost

per schematic

300 1500 2300 4000

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