Rarity Immortal
Plating 600 (+28/Level, max 3400)
Dps 16 (+2.8/Level, max 298)
Speed 50 (+0/Level, max 50)
Rate of Fire 2 shots/second
Active 20% (+0.8%/Level, max 100%) plating restored to the entire fleet.
Passive Speed of host ship, interceptors, and escorts increased by 7.62(+0.08/Level, max 19.5)

The Nemesis is an immortal ship known for its high rate of fire and healing active. The Nemesis's healing active is one of the best actives in the game, only shadowed by the titan's active. Therefore, the Nemesis works best as a host, while its capabilities as an escort are sub-par due to its poor escort bonus.

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