General Info Edit

The Rift is what makes Redshift an MMORTS, but in a different way than usual. Instead of being enemies, players are being teamed up against waves of computer controlled deployments.

Gameplay Edit

The main objective of the Rift is to keep 3 centrally located pylons alive while these are being pummeled by waves of computer controlled deployments, which involves patience, timing and teamwork. The difficulty of these waves is incremental; the higher the wave count, the harder the challenge is. Also, every 10 waves, there's a "mini boss" battle introducing more powerful ships than normal. (e.g. level 1000 Explorers or Capital Ships)

The battling itself is a little different from raids or sectors, in that not only there is a limit on the amount TP, also the amount of DP is limited. After every wave the DP gauge will be refilled partially, but not fully, forcing the player to look after their deployments and to not overdo them. Also, not only the captain's active ability is available; every crew member's active ability is accessible in a Rift session.

Difficulty ladder Edit


Since patch 3.5A, the Rift has changed drastically from how it used to work. Instead of one giant pool of people battling in the same difficulty the battles have been split up in different difficulties.

Name Max. team size Ship spawns RE[1] bonus Wave count DP cap
Space Picnic 2 Mostly common No bonus 10 200
Astral Shift 3 High level commons, med level rares, some epic ships present +29% 20 400
Stellar Invasion 4 high level epic and legendary ships +100% 30 600
Wayward Galaxy Yet to be released
Infernal Nebulae

These different tiers can only be unlocked by completing the previous tier 5 times.

References Edit

  1. RE = Rift Energy

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